About Aduaaya.com

A-duaaya is a Maasai word that speaks of the expression of sight. According to an online source, it comes in three variants: to see something as it goes away (aduaaya), to see something far away (Na´duaa´ya` olowuaru) and also to watch in order to emulate or be like the person seen (To´dua´a´i).

In other words, it’s about seeing, watching or emulating in order to be like that which is seen. It is the expression of Jehovah Jireh which is about; “on the mountain of the Lord, it shall be seen”, as we see and behold Him, we are changed into Him that we see and also to emulate those who through faith obtained the promises of God. For the invisible (Unseen) essence of God is seen in the things He made. This is the foundation and spirit of A-duaaya…capturing the unseen in creation, but in this case, to see and capture Africa’s true essence and value and share it that those who see may express it more accurately.

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“Photography is the art of painting with light.Your camera is your brushand the universe is your canvas.”– Samuel Phillips

Aduaaya.com – capture the unseen

Aduaaya.com is an African photography website, where African photographers can contribute their photos from Africa for easy and free access by the public. It is about the unseen beauty found in Africa, about Africa and Africans.

Vision: To capture and share with the world the unseen and the unknown beauty and purpose of Africa

Mission: Re-framing Africa one photo at a time

The Aduaaya Story

The story of Aduaaya is a simple one, birthed by an intense desire to see God’s mind manifest on and concerning the continent of Africa. There are several reasons why Aduaaya.com was set up, two of the most important reasons are:

First, I got tired of searching the internet or watching others search the internet for things and photos about Africa and the only thing that would come up would be lions,zebras, monkeys, war and malnourished children from some hidden villages in Africa.

Africa is not a jungle with only wildlife to show for it; neither is she a broken down war zone with poverty and disease as her narrative. Africa is not poor and neither is she malnourished, she is just a victim of her own unwise decisions and foolish choices to play the harlot with foreign nations which are only too happy to exploit her for their own selfish gain.

When I look through my window in the morning, I don’t see lions, zebras and monkeys all the time; I also see people and cities, plants and endless sky. I see oceans and sandy beaches. The people I see have original beauties, true love for brotherhood, love for our common unity, dignity and strength which surpasses the death and pain thrown at them. I see resilience, persistence, patience, I see Africa.

The second reason is, as a team of freelance travel writers and photographers for the new pan African Msingi Afrika Magazine, going around Africa will naturally yield tons of original photos. So we decided that instead of just keeping such amazing photos to ourselves, we would create a stock photography website and share our photos of Africa with Africans and the world for free. All photos are royalty-free also, with no attributions for usage required, but kind donations are welcome for the daily running of the site.

Africa is blessed, lifted, beautiful, with ancient and modern wisdom. We’ve had enough of the negatively biased and obviously skewed sentiment in telling the story of Africa from the twisted perspectives of slavery, poverty, corruption and war. Does Africa have challenges? Yes. But the challenges are not her identity and once she realizes that, we believe she will rise up, transform and make the right, pure choices.

Re-framing Africa, one photo at a time

 The face brand of Africa must change and only Africans themselves can do that, without any biases and negative sentiments.

The Aduaaya management team has given their lives and passion for the spiritual emancipation of Africa, and that is going on too, but the face brand of Africa is also our call and the call of every artistic and creative son and daughter from Africa. This is never about money making and never will be. It is about the true wealth of Africa which surpasses money- her God given purpose.

Samuel Phillips

Lead Photographer & Travel writer